Static Website Development

Static Website Development

Static Website Design by 24spoke

A static website is a kind of  web page that displays same contents to every visitors. It is delivered to the user in exactly same way as it is stored. A static website is simple to design as it involves minimum coding techniques etc. If you are looking for excellent static website designing service, get in touch with us today.

We are one of the leading website design service provider. With a huge client base across India, we have expertise in working on website design project in every domain and hosting. Whether you are small sized business, a start-up company, or a well-established organisation, we are the perfect destination for all your website design as per your needs.

Benefits of Static Websites

There are numerous benefits of having a static website. Here are a few of  them:

  •  Designing a static website is usually cheaper than a dynamic one.
  • Static website is best suited for informative sites likes blogs where you can put in much information in a fewer pages.
  • It is a cost effective or affordable solution for small businesses.
  • There’s no need of having any administrative system.
  • Static website designs are very easy to create.
  • Hosting of static websites is simple.
  • Best suited for small sized businesses.
  • Static sites require less time in the design and development process.
  • It is easier to optimize a static website.
  • Static websites are very user-friendly.
  •  You can easily update your static website if you have little HTML knowledge.
  •  You can also go with your own custom design idea.
  • Static websites have negligible maintenance costs.