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School ERP Solution

Lowest Price Guaranteed – Our price is most efficient when compared with our competitors with more functionality, CBSE/ICSE/Other States Report Card, Fees Management, Online Exam, etc

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Certified single application available on web & mobile phones to manage every aspect of school management interfaces.

Role based login enables all kind of users to use one single app to manage student’s information including Attendance, Fee’s, Marks, Time Table, Notice Board, Homework, Birthday, Vehicle Tracking etc.



ERP Solution 24spoke
ERP Solution 24spoke


About Us: All information about school, who established the school and when, contact number, email id and address

Courses: CBSE/ICSE Board. School affiliation details, admission details and procedures

Facilities: describes the facilities in the school like transportation, smart classes, etc

Gallery: Event photos, school activities, etc

Notice board: Parents can easily check school updates and receive updates via notification/SMS when notice board gets updated.

Account Login: Login for STAFF and PARENTS

Staff: Track complete information about all students, teachers and school in mobile and web.

Parents: will have their ward information including attendance, homework, timetable, marks, vehicle location on their phone.

Contact us: Parents can easily contact to their school through Contact Us option available on every school dashboard.

School Calendar: Helps to check out school calendar and school scheduled events.


Staff Login: Admin/Staff ID and Password to Login.

Student/Parent Login: Parents has its ward Id and Password. Parents can do multiple login in one phone at a time.

Driver Login: Drivers has its ID and Password. After login, automatic SMS will send to parents regarding vehicle location and parents can easily track Vehicle



ERP Solution 24spoke
ERP Solution 24spoke


Student & Staff information: Complete information about students, teachers, helpers, drivers. Send individual message and edit/delete profile option. Send multiple SMS to multiple students of a class.

School Time Table: Helps to create and delete time-table of a class.

Manage Notice: Notice can be sent to All, particular/multiple class through this option. Can be send through SMS/Notification/both.

Manage staff: Class can be assigned to teacher from here. All control option like Edit/SMS to teacher will also be control from here. Currently, we have 2 SMS Line, which can be change from here.

Fee Management: Fee management helps to submit fees from here and update to parents through Notification and SMS.

Fee Calculator: helps to know the monthly collection, date wise collection, defaulter’s list.

Books Detail: Can update the current books detail running in every class from here.

Planner: Every teacher has a planner, what they will teach to students weekly/monthly wise.

SMS Panel: SMS can be start/stop from here.


Student Information: Assigned Teacher can only access data to their particular class

School Timetable: Create Timetable and Check Timetable

Homework: Homework can be easily upload and will update via Notification/SMS to parents

Upload Planner and Timetable: Timetable and Planner can be easily update by teachers

ERP Solution 24spoke
ERP Solution 24spoke


Marks sheet: Parents can see examination marks of their wards in this section including SA1, SA2, FA1, FA2. Check Junior Report Card Format, Senior Report Card Format, Half-Yearly Report Card Format

Attendance: Regular attendance SMS/ Notification will be in mobile and show attendance percentage of session.

Timetable: Parents can check school time table.

Homework: Parents can see School Homework easily.

Profile: Show the student information in school record.

Feedback: Students/Parents can also share their feedback to schools regarding School/Teachers/Driver.

Book Details: Students/Parents can also see Books Details


Visitor Panel: Security gaurd can capture visitore details like Photo, purpose of meeting, reason for meeting, name, address, contact no., in-time and out-time.


Reception Panel: Capture key information at reception desk.

Notice Board: View & Publish notice on mobile app.

ERP solution for school


Fee Management: Fee management helps to submit fees from here and update to parents through Notification and SMS.

Fee Calculator: helps to know the monthly collection, date wise collection, defaulter’s list.

Transfer Certificates: Generate transfer Certoficates on a click.

Report Cards: Satate Board Of Education compliant Report Cards generated just in one click.